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Meetings Include:
Show 'N Tell
Being Supportive of Each Other

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

For those doing the UFO challenge, the number 5 was drawn, so that is your project for this month out of list of 10 items. If you don't complete your UFO you need to bring a fat quarter or some other sewing item to the next meeting. Our next meeting will be April 25th.
The library quilt show is April 28th, so get your quilts to the library!
 Carol's McKenna Ryan quilt.
 Sue's darling sweater for a  granddaughter.
 Janis's quilt with older fabric squares.
 Janis's darling felt Easter eggs.
 Janis's T-shirt quilt, made for her brother, with T-shirts from some of the projects he worked on for NASA.
 Close up of one of the blocks.
Quilting on the back.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

 Kathy brought back beautiful batik fabrics and this pretty kit from Hawaii.
 Kathy's gorgeous embroidered and pieced quilt.
 This is Joyce's cute Christmas quilt she showed us in November.
 A close up of Joyce's Christmas quilt.
 Kathy's beautiful framed sampler. It is embroidered and pieced.
 This is the label from the back of Kathy's quilt.
 Kathy and Joyce holding Kathy's pretty quilt.
 Marsha's gorgeous nine patch quilt.
 The back of Marsha's quilt.
 Sue's cute red work Christmas embroidery.
 Mary's T-shirt quilt made from her husbands T-shirts.
Carol's wool work Chickadees.
Joyce's beautiful tea pot quilt.
Joyce's tea pot quilt. It even has a real tea bag on it!

Monday, November 20, 2017

 The center of Mary's beautiful Hawaiin quilt.
 Mary's Hawaiin quilt.
 Chiska's cute turtle.
 Chiska's quilt, with neat Alaskan fabric in the center of each block.
 Carol's "Among the Pines" quilt.
Carol's wool Christmas ornaments.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quilt Club September 27, 2017
Joyce's darling baby quilt. Fish with bright colors.

 Joyce's Christmas panel.
 More of Joyce's Christmas panel.
 More of Joyce's Christmas panel.
 Kathy's beautiful Mexican Star Quilt.
 Mary's Library quilt made and given to her by Chiska.
 Mary and Kathy with the library quilt.
 Chiska's moms darling cat quilt.
 Some of the squares on the cat quilt.
Carol's horse quilt.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

August's Meeting
(I'm sorry that I completely forgot
 to send out the reminder e-mail.  
I still think it's July most of the time.)

Here's is Jeri's French Cafe' quilt for Maura:

Joyce's Calico Cats is finished!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Show and Tell July 26, 2017
 Chiska's beautiful Alaska quilt with Northern Lights fabric in the middle.
 Joyce's self portrait, Sheer Bliss!
 Close up of Sheer Bliss.
 Kathy's wonderful butterflies made of handkerchiefs, pillow cases and lace that are from her family.
 Close up of the butterflies and embroidery around the border.
 Mary's Hawaiin quilt she is making for her daughter. This is the center medallion.
 The center medallion and some of the border. It is queen sized.
 Close up of the flowers in the border.
Sue's beautiful baby quilt for her new grand daughter.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Show and Tell June 28, 2017

 Joyce's Santa's Postcard
 The reindeer are so cute with button eyes.
 Cami's pretty batik block quilt.
 The back is beautiful, too!
 Carol's Great Grandmothers quilt after it was quilted by Common Threads.
 The back of Carol's quilt.
Carol's applique Corgi quilt.