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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Carol has put together this amazing quilt 
from some Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers that were her Grandmother's.

I missed getting a picture, but she finished another beautiful tote too.

Kathy went on a trip recently to the Northeast with the Senior Circle

She visited the Sandwich Glass Museum 
and aquired this beatiful glassblown pumpkin

Joyce shared her fun bag with us (read the words)!

And her beautiful Calico Cats

Here's the flower appliques, but the color isn't very true.
They are much softer pink in real life.

Jeri finished this lovely, sparkly, soft baby blanket during our meeting

It's so pretty!

Jan brought the antique quilt she's working on hand quilting
(the blocks are about 100 years old)

That was our fun for the evening!
Next month Mary is on the schedule fo
 teaching Victorian Tying (it doesn't show through the top).