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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Show and Tell

We had some incredible quilts this month!

Here's Mary's gorgeous completely hand done Hawaiian Quilt

It's 17 years in the making completely hand appliqued quilted and bound.

Carol's adorable raccoons:

A little closer--aren't they adorable?!

Then her amazing (These were her Great Grandma's flowers that she's has put together into a quilt) Grandmother's Flower Garden 

The border is a darling tulip pattern.
Notice the sawtooth border that she made using
 the cut off corners of the yellow setting squares.

Then Chiska has this lovely embroidery quilt.
The embroidery was done by a neighbor or her mother.

Isn't the embroidery exquisite?!

Then there's a Jelly Roll Race 2 Quilt
It went together pretty quickly (though it was longer than an hour for her and don't forget to watch your bobbin!)  and a lap size only takes one jelly roll--or 2 junior jelly rolls.
Here are the links to the Missouri Star Quilt Company's
Jelly Roll Race 2 (squares) (the one below is an example)

And a  baby quilt for a new niece


This last one didn't come as it was already to it's new home.

Here's a picture of the turtle quilt that's finally done 3 years later!

Here's a close up.  

Here's Kathy's Sister-in-law's incredible Mexican Tree Quilt

Look at the amazing quilting!

Here's Sue's marvelous alter cloth:

She starts with a solid piece of cloth and makes this:

Wasn't that an amazing group?!

Just a reminder that the Library Quilt Show Quilts are due April 28. 
On April 29th at 1p.m. at the library.
Debbie Nees will be the speaker with a reception to follow.

Click this link to go to the library website for more information and forms.

April 26th at 7p.m. will be our next meeting.