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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Clues 5 and 6

Mystery Quilt Clues 5 and 6

Clue 5:  1.  Gather all of the A and B units completed in clues 3 and 4.  Join one of each unit as shown. (See PDF for graphic) Pay close attention to the positions of the large feature and coordination squares.  Press the seam allowance in any direction

Clue 6:  1.  Gather 12 blocks from 5.  2.  Assemble three rows of 4 blocks.  Maintain the orientation of the blocks as above.  Pay close attention to the position of the large feature square in the row.  Also make sure the contrast blocks step upward.  Press the seam allowances toward the feature fabrics.  This is row X.

Our Next Meeting is July 22, at Jeri's

Joyce got this fun fabric from Common Threads and made this gorgeous quilt

She used a technique to make the braids where you start
 with a half square and build from there.

Kathy showed us a technique for making labels with a used dryer sheet.  
You sew the dry sheet to the right side of your label and then cut a slit in the dryer sheet and turn it.  It creates a label with a finished edge.

She's also going to show us how to make this scissor fob in November.

This is her darling baby quilt

Each of the scallops has a quilted animal that she colored with fabric crayons

Here's the bunny

Jeri's made an apron and bonnet for her grand daughter to go on a pioneer trek.

This is the quilted center of her gorgeous table runner.
(there's another picture of the whole thing do)

Sorry for the bad angle, but the runner is on the edge of the quilt.

Another Trek piece--A skirt

This is Sue's quilt for the Library Quilt Show

Isn't her quilting fun!

Mary finished hand sewing this shirt for HER for Rendezvous

Leslie made this beautiful quilt for a special teacher

And this fun quilt for a new Mom

Mystery Quilts are coming together

Carol's awesome purples and greens

Kathy's beautiful version she put together laying it out how she liked it.

Joyce's gorgeous yellow and purple.  
She got a sneak peek and finished hers.
She used only 2 borders instead of 3.

Sue did double duty
Such pretty colors!

Isn't this turning out gorgeous?!

That's all for June!