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Monday, March 23, 2015

Jan's Mystery Quilt from her California Guild
(Just an example)

These are pages that show how differently they all turned out
(These are all from the same pattern as above) 

A little closer view

Carol made a horse bag (front)


Carol's gorgeous table runner (she was able to make 2 out of one kit)

Kathy's quilts for the Mini Quilt Show



Kathy's Scrap Challenge Quilt

Chiska's baby Tardis Quilt


Jeri's Elephant Quilt

Flashback quilts found at the quilt shop
Each of the ladies that were part of the group at that time

Mary and ??

Melba and Nancy

Can anyone name this member?

I didn't get pictures, but Marsha and Angie also shared some pipe cleaner and clothespin dolls and a recycled doll that they are making to send with Dr. Lester.


Don't forget the Quilt Show on May 9th
The Mystery Quilt will begin at our May Meeting
Scrap Challenge at the Quilt Shop
Next Meeting:  March 25, Sue will be showing us bindings

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  1. Just finished the biscuit quilt. I am trying to post a picture.