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Thursday, May 14, 2015


  Our next meeting is May 27, at Jerri's.  

The next two steps of the Mystery Quilt are on the blog.

Show and Tell

Carol shared this gorgeous star top she finished.  It was a class at the quilt shop.

Jerri's almost finished hand quilting this beautiful Courthouse Steps Quilt

Here's her lovely quilting

Mary hand stitched this incredible rendezvous shirt.

Kathy brought this cool scarf that turns into a shawl

So pretty!

Janice made these darling dolls.
They each had surgery and they look great.
She's going to back it with the cute fabric on the left.

Here are the three Mystery Quilts done through the first 2 steps.
From left to right:  Melba, Kathy and Sue

And finally the  FABRIC we talked about.  Thanks everyone for letting me share some of my "intensely private textile collection"!

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