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Monday, August 29, 2016

Cami brought this gorgeous quilt!

 See her Sashiko Style!

She also made a version of a quilt from The Quiltmaker's Journey


We loved the backlit stained glass effect.

She's also working on these itty bitty granny squares.

Jeri made this awesome top for a friend of hers.

It's the same pattern as her bicycle quilt.

Here's Chiska's very first machine quilted quilt.

And the back

Mary taught us her fast and easy way to bind a quilt

Start in the middle

Sew within a 1/4" of the edge.
Fold it straight up and then down.

and then down.

Press the raw edge end  over 1/4"

Fold it down

Slip the other end into it

Like this:

This is the way you prep your fabric
Cut 3 inches the width of the fabric
Keeping them folded cut at a 45 degree angle.

Sew edges together like this;

They will line up perfectly.

Chiska shared a few things she learned about thread from the Superior Threads website.

 An explanation of why thread is so confusing


A chart for using thread:

See you next month, September 28th at Jeri's

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