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Thursday, July 23, 2015


 Next month's meeting will be August 26

Our Mystery Quilt is on vacation this month

Show and Tell

Carol made this beautiful wall quilt from a picture she took.

The detail is amazing! 

Here's her wonderful mystery quilt.

Sue shared his darling basket that her daughter made.

And this fun bag that she's working on crocheted out of  1 inch strips of fabric. It's really sturdy and can hold books and as a bonus it's a great way to use fabric that you don't like anymore and it looks cute in the bag.

This is Joyce's Mystery Quilt again to see how it can be put together.

She started a wedding quilt with this cute cat block.  Can you see the mouse in the corner?

there it is!  So darling!

Chiska's started on some cathedral windows

Jeri just got back from a fantastic cruise to Alaska and shared
 some of her treasures and adventures with us.

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