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Thursday, July 23, 2015

May Meeting

Show and Tell From May

Angie and Marcia brought quite a few quilts!  These are teacher quilts for Sheridan--pieced by Angie!  Angie likes paper piecing, but usually cuts and presses for her mother to do the piecing.  More quilts for Savannah's, and Porter's  and Lily's teachers.  

 A quilt for the new Mayor who was the Bishop in her church--representing Sand and Sea, and Working Together.

And another for his granddaughter, Savannah Dawn (Noah's ark).

They won the Circle of 9's blocks. 
Angie paper-pieced the center block.  

For a great-nephew, born in March/April.  

This one is an extra quilt, not yet spoken for.

Mystery quilt blocks were shown in two color ways.

Jeri had two quilts

This is one she's hand-quilting.

Leslie Lester went to Amish country to buy some beautiful quilts.  She managed to find Emma, an 89-year-old quilter whose home was where she grew up.  (The red and white block) was a copy of her wedding quilt.  She was married at 18.  She and her family made the quilts that Leslie bought--A double wedding ring for her kitchen, and a star for her mother who watched her children so they could go on the trip.

Joyce showed a cute Halloween cross-stitch of a cute little guy standing in a pumpkin!  There were 15 pages of instructions, 30 colors of thread--11 different shades of orange.


Carol showed her first attempt at free motion quilting!!!!!!!!!  Oh, to be so talented!  It's from a pattern, but the black horse looks like her horses


  1. Just wanted to clarify. I didn't design the horse quilt in the May post. It was a pattern, but the black horse does look like my horse!

  2. I changed it so it's accurate. Thank you!