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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Show and Tell

Kathy's mystery quilt--Quilted and finished!

She used her double needles to quilt it.  Doesn't it look wonderful?!

Then she made a Yellow Brick Road Quilt

She quilted it with the double needles.
What a wonderful quilt!

Last but certainly not least she found a book
 she didn't know she had and made Twisted Log Cabins. 

Chiska had a few finishes:

These quilts were made by a group of kids in an online bee.
Her son's was a log cabin.

 her daughter's a friendship star.

Her Mystery Quilt Top

A quilt top she's going to fix

An I-Spy top.

Jeri finished hand quilting her bicycle quilt!

Isn't the quilting wonderful?!

Some more quilting

Angie, Sheridan and Marsha brought this fun train quilt.

Along with this Circle of Nines quilt they made with some blocks they won

The back 

These pictures don't do justice to the pretty pastels.

It's going to be raffled off at a Bunco group with the proceeds going to a
 doctor who helps all over the world.

What's this fun fabric Carol's pulling out?

See the fun colors...

It's her gorgeous star quilt!

Lori at the quilt shop quilted it.  
It's all ready for her nephew when he graduates.

Leslie shared this incredible rainbow charm baby quilt 
she made for her neighbor's premie baby.

The quilting is really fun.

Can you see it better on the back?

She also made this gorgeous quilt that's being quilted for her Aunt


Sue shared her mystery quilt

And another one

She also ran in the Grand Teton Relay 
up (and down?) Targhee Hill in the dark.
Way to go Sue!

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