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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Next Month Kathy's teaching us how to make a scissor fob.  
Here are the what-to-do-before-the-meeting-directions:  Click HERE

In November we're going to shaving cream marble some book covers.  By the October meeting we need to know how many books to order for November and the money for them.  

Here's the price list of what I brought last night: 
 Large Size:
“Primary” Journal with lines ½ way down the page every other page (14 pages) $2.55
“Writer’s Notebook” Blank Page (30 pages)                                                                         $3.15

Small Size:

Blank Bare Book (14 pages)         $1.95
Blank Page (30 pages)                    $2.50
Lined (30 pages)                               $2.60
“Primary Journal” with lines ½ way down every page (14 pages) $2.05

Shipping is $10 for orders under $100 and 10% over $100

They also have blank puzzles and games.

  If you want to see everything that's available here's the Bare Books Website

What a fun night we had!

First Jeri's friend came by for dinner and a visit

Decided to come around to see the quilts

Then Leslie shared her new therapy bag she made for her new job

And this gorgeous quilt for her Aunt--we got to see it in real life!

The quilting is pretty too!

Sue had a booth at the Library's Fiber Arts Revival
She made this fun tote--even if she didn't like it. 

And these wonderful baskets out of quilted squares.  
She may show us how for a program sometime.

I forgot to take a picture of the orphan Churn Dash Blocks she turned into pot holders.
They're sitting on her lap in the picture above.

Jeri made this special blanket out of fabric she purchased in Denver with her husband.
It's suede-like on one side and wool-like on the other.  Then she made this fun pillow cases to match:

And the other side

Carol has her mystery quilt finished

The quilting is all over flowers--it's hard to see in the picture
The back is a really pretty lavender

She's also working on this fun runner

 Marsha and Angie are going to be making this cool panel into a quilt 

Tammy embroidered these panels for a baby quilt:

Take a Closer Look:

Aren't they Awesome?!

These are shirts that she's cut apart to make into quilts to remember a Grandpa by

This is one that she has done with his t-shirts

For our program Marsha shared some gift ideas and 

we got to fondle a lot of different Minky and fleece fabric

Here are some of the tips she gave us for working with Minky:

Use a walking foot!
For applique use Perfect Applique Magic Spray (by Home Stitches)
Use a ball point stretch needle
Use 3- 3.5 Stitch Length
Use wider seam allowances (more the 1/4")
You can use wax or parchment paper on the top or the bottom to move the fabric through your machine
You can't iron it.
Needs to be dried on a low setting.

You can do simple patchwork-Marsha recommends nothing smaller than inches--you can use woven fabric on the edged or make sure the stretch is opposite the way it rolls on the machine

Some Gift Ideas:

Hooded Towels
Pillow Cases
Pillow Beds
Booties out of fleece

You can tear some types of Minky and then it will curl in on itself to create a fun scarf.  
If you run your hand over it a few times it stops shedding too.

She also shared some fun products:

Scotch Protection for fabric to prevent fading
Terial Magic a temporary stabilizer spray for fabric so you don't have to hoop it.

She showed us a fun kit using chalkboard fabric to make a quiet book type thing.

Here's the Days For Girls website.  It's a service opportunity to create reusable feminine hygiene supplies for girls in countries where they're not available.  She show us some kits she picked up.  

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